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Diana2Here at eBook Partnership, we have been working with authors and publishers to create and sell eBooks since 2009. You can see a potted history below. However, if you need to know more, or you would appreciate a more specific round up, please do drop me a line and I will get back to you quickly.

Diana Horner 


2009 Matt Horner takes time off from his web design agency to write a book about his childhood sporting hero. Adds eBook coding to his skills in order to publish the eBook. Enquiries start to filter in from contacts who need help with their eBook publishing.

2010 eBook Partnership launches, and referrals from Waterstones and The Society of Authors help to build our reputation as trustworthy professionals.

2011 Projects continue to stream in, as publishers and authors seek a straightforward solution to help bring new and out of print titles to an audience of readers across the world.

Lots of work for the scanning team, as authors and publishers rush to re-publish backlist titles only available as print books.

2012 eBook Publishing growth increases rapidly

The team expands to ensure that even the most complex content is converted to the most suitable eBook file format.

Dan takes charge of the distribution process with his high level skills and endless enthusiasm, working with Amazon, Apple, Kobo, B&N, Google and many others, to ensure that our clients have access to a worldwide audience.

2013 The busy year of organisation and expansion. Heather takes charge of project team, and brings her unique combination of super efficiency and sincere charm to the company.

More distribution channels mean that eBook Partnership clients have access to one of the best networks available including Overdrive, eSentral, Scribd, StoryTel.

2014 The Year of International Travel for eBP

A whirlwind year starting with a very successful trip to Book Expo in New York, manning the eBook Partnership booth and growing the USA client list.

Nov 2014 – Matt and Diana Horner invited to speak at the UNESCO Digital Publishing Conference in China.

2015 – Providing premium eBook conversion and distribution services to independent authors, hybrid authors and publishers.

Delighted to welcome new publishers, helping with specialist fixed layout eBook projects, and providing personal service.

eBook distribution coverage continues to be a priority, and the addition of EBSCO, Baker and Taylor further enhances the eBook Distribution network.

2016 – Systems upgrade, tailored service.

Established team, great expertise and experience.

We continue to work hard to ensure the best service at the right price for clients around the world.

Looking forward to 2017 and new developments for our clients.