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Here at eBook Partnership, we have been working with authors and publishers to create and sell eBooks since 2009.

Founded by Matt and Diana Horner, eBP has been growing steadily, building a fantastic team. Our conversion specialists take pride in ensuring each book is formatted to suit the content and to the strict specifications of the retailers, subscription services and e-libraries worldwide.

We now work with thousands of clients, including global companies who value our white label service. Our super-efficient project managers facilitate the publication of content around the world, and the admin dashboard gives you access to a wealth of reporting.

We take great pride in the fact that whether you are a first-time author, a best-selling writer taking control of your backlist, a small press with a growing author list or an established publisher that needs to manage hundreds of titles – we will take good care of you and ensure that your books reach the widest possible audience.

Businesses, non-profits, government departments and media companies work with us because we are fast, efficient and cost effective.

Get in touch today, and see how we can help.