eBook Conversion Service for Authors

Your Manuscript Converted to eBook Formats Suitable for Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, B&N NOOK, Google Play and Many More.

We create eBooks compatible with all major eBook retailers including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Overdrive, Google, Gardners and many more. Our service is fast, professional and friendly, and our distribution network is comprehensive.

Established in 2010, we have successfully completed thousands of eBook conversion projects for authors and publishers from around the world. We work with successful hybrid authors, self-publishing eBook authors and small publishers, as well as international publishers like Hearst Magazines and non-profit organizations such as the UN and Breast Cancer Care.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss please complete our simple Quote Request Form or get in touch via email. Prices start from $299/£299 for reflowable formats and $399/£399 for fixed layout formats.

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eBook Conversion

Conversion of your manuscript from Word, PDF, InDesign or OpenOffice to either ePub reflowable format (now also used for uploading to Amazon) or fixed-layout formats (Kindle Print Replica, KF8/KTC, ePUB3, PagePerfect/NOOK Kids).
This price covers reflowable conversion of up to 100,000 words and fixed-layout conversion of up to 50 pages. (For longer books please contact us for a quote).

FAST TRACK eBook Conversion

Expedited 5-day turnaround
conversion of your manuscript from Word, PDF, InDesign or OpenOffice to either ePub reflowable format or fixed-layout formats (KPR, KF8/KTC, ePUB3, PagePerfect/NOOK Kids).
Receive your converted files for review within 5 working days rather than the standard 10 day turnaround time.

Currency Selection: Show prices in USD or show prices in GBP.

You will need to supply: final edited manuscript in Word, InDesign, PDF, OpenOffice or other digital format, and front cover image (see cover spec).

Read-Aloud Fixed-Layout ePUB3 and NOOK Kids eBook conversion

Please complete our quote request form for prices and format recommendations.

Convert a Printed Book to eBook

We provide an accurate print book scanning service, to create eBook files from hard-copy versions of your work. See our Book Scanning page for full details of this service.

eBook Conversion Formats

Reflowable Formats

ePUB file for Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google all other retailers, subscription services and e-libraries.

Suitable for mostly text books, or books with a simple format – if your content contains more complex formatting you should consider Fixed Layout formats. See this blog post for more information about how to prepare a manuscript for conversion to standard files.

The standard reflowable eBook format offers the widest distribution opportunities and is compatible with all the major eBook reading platforms, devices and software.

Fixed-layout Formats

If your book contains lots of images, or illustrations, or the content style needs to be maintained, Fixed Layout files will be the most appropriate way to create an eBook.

We produce a variety of fixed-layout eBook formats for different book types. Visit our fixed-layout file formats page for more details.

If your book is most suited to fixed layout formats see this post: Preparing your file for conversion to fixed layout formats.

How our eBook Conversion Service works…

  1. We will provide you with a price for conversion based on your description of your manuscript or, ideally, after we have seen your file or book. You can email your manuscript to helpdesk@ebookpartnership.com.
  2. If you choose to use our service we will need the following from you:
  • Final manuscript – edited and proofread.
  • Book cover – we offer an eBook Cover Design service if required.
  • Sales information about your book – we will provide you with a form to complete which collects important information about your title (the metadata).
  • Payment – for new clients we require payment for conversion at the start of the project. You can order online or we can issue you with an invoice and you can pay by a number of methods including PayPal and bank transfer.

The conversion process usually takes 10-12 working days. When we have converted the manuscript we will email eBook files to you for review, along with instructions detailing how to view the files on a Kindle, iPad or other eReader device. If you do not have an e-reading device, you can still check the eBook files, using free software on your PC or Mac.

If you spot anything that needs changing we can update the files and send them back to you for further review. Please note that if you request editorial changes after the conversion, there is likely to be an additional cost – this is why we strongly recommend that the manuscript you send to us has been edited and proofread.

Once you are happy with the converted eBook files they are ready for distribution. We offer a global eBook Distribution Service that manages the upload of your eBook files and metadata to all the major eBook retailers and thousands of libraries across the world. With our service you receive 100% of the royalties generated by your eBook sales and are paid monthly (assuming the amount due to you is at least $30/£20). For full details visit our eBook Distribution page.

Getting Started

You can place an order online, complete our short Quote Request Form or email details of your project, ideally with the full manuscript or a good representative sample from, to helpdesk@ebookpartnership.com. We will respond quickly, with a price based on the information you provide. We can convert manuscripts of any length or complexity.

For more information about eBook Conversion please take a look at our eBook Conversion FAQs.