Fixed-Layout eBook Conversion

Converting books with complex layout to eBook

We specialize in producing fixed-layout eBook formats that are suited for creating eBooks with complex designs, and image/graphic-heavy books. Types of book that we frequently reproduce as fixed-layout eBooks include:

  • Children’s picture books
  • Cookery books
  • Travel guides
  • Restaurant guides
  • Company reports and annual reviews
  • Academic publications
  • Text books and learning materials
  • Business guides

Fixed-layout eBooks offer much more in way of formatting and layout than standard eBooks, and fixed-layout titles can closely replicate the layout of a print PDF or InDesign file.

If you are unsure of the best format for your book, please see Choosing an eBook format, standard or fixed layout?

We can produce the following fixed-layout eBook formats:

  • Fixed-layout ePUB 3 for Apple, Google, Kobo, Overdrive and eSentral.
  • Fixed-layout Kindle Print Replica & KF8 for Amazon Kindle Devices
  • PagePerfect PDF for Barnes & Noble
  • Nook Kids ePIB for Barnes & Noble
  • Kindle Textbook Creator for Amazon (Kindle Fire devices, Kindle for PC and Android and iOS apps)
  • Kindle Comics for Amazon Kindle
  • Nook Comics for Barnes & Noble

What does it cost?

To receive a quote for your fixed-layout conversion project please contact us or complete the request a quote form.
Minimum charge of $399/£399 for fixed-layout conversion projects (up to 50 pages). +50 pages add $5/£5 per page.

Preparing your files

Fixed-layout eBook file formats: ePUB 3, KF8, Kindle Textbook Creator, PagePerfect and Nook Kids

Fixed-layout ePUB 3 eBook conversion for Apple, Kobo, Google, Overdrive and eSentral.

Fixed-layout ePUB 3 files work across an increasing number of platforms and devices, and can be sold through Apple’s iBooks app and iTunes, Google Play, eSentral, Kobo, Overdrive and their partner retailers. Please note that fixed-layout ePUB 3 files are not currently supported on Amazon Kindle devices or B&N’s NOOK and cannot be sold through Amazon or B&N.

Most compatible ePUB 3 devices, such as iPad, iPhone, Google Nexus and Kobo Arc, allow the reader to switch between viewing the eBook as single pages or as two-page spreads. Most devices will also feature an animated page turn option. Unlike standard eBook formats, which allow the reader to change settings such as text size, font and line spacing, with fixed-layout files the page elements are fixed, although with ePUB 3 files most devices will give the reader the ability to zoom in and enlarge specific areas of the page.

Fixed-layout Kindle Print Replica, KF8 and Kindle Textbook Creator eBook conversion for Amazon Kindle Devices

Amazon offers fixed-layout support through its KPR, KF8 and Kindle Textbook Creator (KTC) formats.

Kindle Print Replica (KPR)

Print Replica eBooks maintain the formatting and layout of their print editions and offer many of the advantages of standard Kindle eBooks. However, they don’t allow the reader to resize text and are only available on certain devices.


Fixed-layout KF8 files work on most Amazon Kindle devices, including the Kindle Fire tablet range, Kindle eInk readers and Kindle reading apps. The KF8 format is best suited for books where the content is not particularly small or detailed, and is often used for creating children’s picture books, photographic titles, ‘coffee table’ books and cookery books.

Audio and video content can be included in KF8 files but KF8 files that contain audio or video cannot be uploaded via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

KF8 files do not support read-along audio narration.

Important note about text size in KF8 files

As some Kindle devices have a relatively small screen and can only display a limited amount of content at one time, the most effective KF8 fixed-layout titles tend to be those where the content, and especially the text, is not too small. KF8 offers a feature called region magnification for devices that do not support touch screen zooming, and this allows the reader to double-tap on specific areas of the screen to enlarge a region of content. Region magnification is not suitable for all content layouts. KF8 files can also include pop-up text which allows the reader to view a larger version of each text paragraph. This feature is best suited to books which have a relatively small amount of text content, such as children’s picture books,

Amazon may de-list fixed-layout KF8 files where the text is smaller than 4mm in height when viewed on a Kindle Fire tablet. We recommend that you save your content in PDF format and then open the PDF on a Kindle Fire device (or other similar size tablet) to see if your text is smaller than 4mm. If it is you may want to re-designing your pages to include larger text or consider using the KTC format instead.

Kindle Textbook Creator

KTC files work on Fire tablets and free Kindle reading apps for iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Android tablets, PC and Mac. Interactive features like audio, video, and image pop-ups are currently only available on 3rd generation or newer Fire tablets and on free Kindle reading apps for Android phones, Android tablets. Books created with Kindle Textbook Creator are not made available on Kindle eInk readers.

Unlike KF8, the KTC format supports pinch-zoom navigation which allows readers to easily enlarge an area of the page. This makes KTC more suitable than KF8 for presenting detailed content and books that contain smaller text.

The KTC format was originally developed for producing textbooks and other educational materials but can also be used to present business books, travel guides, cookbooks, music books and other non-fiction titles which aren’t suited to reflowable eBook formats.

Audio and video content can be included in KTC files and these files can be uploaded through Kindle Direct Publishing.

KTC files do not support read-along audio narration.

Fixed-layout PagePerfect eBook conversion for B&N NOOK

We can produce fixed-layout eBooks in the PagePerfect format to be sold through Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Books stores. PagePerfect is compatible with B&N’s NOOK Tablet, HD and HD+ Tablets, NOOK Color, NOOK by Samsung 4 NOOK 7.0, and NOOK by Samsung [Tab 4 10.1, S2 & E]. The PagePerfect format can also be read using some of Nook’s free reading apps (NOOK for Windows 8 Tablet, NOOK for iOS, NOOK for Android), though there are geographic restrictions on where those NOOK reading apps are available for download.

PagePerfect is based on the PDF format and can be read in single or double-page views. Dependent on the device, the reader can use touch zoom to enlarge parts of the page. PagePerfect is usually used for non-fiction titles and production of fixed-layout titles which are not children’s picture books – these are usually produced using the Nook Kids format (see below).

To upload a PagePerfect file to B&N you must have a Publisher account with them. You cannot upload a PagePerfect file through Nook Press.

Fixed-layout Nook Kids eBook conversion for B&N NOOK

We offer conversion for children’s picture books to the fixed-layout Nook Kids format  format to be sold through Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Books stores. Nook Kids is compatible with B&N’s NOOK Tablet, HD and HD+ Tablets, NOOK Color, NOOK by Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK 7.0, and NOOK by Samsung [Tab 4 10.1, S2 & E]. The format is also supported in the NOOK reading applications for iPad and for Android, though there are geographic restrictions on where those NOOK reading apps are available for download.

The Nook Kids format can only be displayed in landscape so you will either need to produce single landscape pages (which will be displayed one at a time) or two-page spreads.

Nook Kids files are similar to ePUB 3 files but will only work with specific B&N devices/apps. Dependent on the device, the reader can use touch zoom to enlarge parts of the page, activate pop-up text and also play a narration of the story if this has been created.

To upload a Nook Kids file to B&N you must have a Publisher account with them. You cannot upload a Nook Kids file through Nook Press.

Embedding Fonts in Fixed-Layout eBook files

You should ensure that any fonts you use within your fixed-layout eBooks are licensed to be distributed. We cannot offer advice on whether you have a licence to distribute a specific font as this will depend upon how your purchased the font and the terms of usage you are entitled to. Font Squirrel is a useful resource for finding fonts (both free and paid for) which allow distribution within eBooks.

Pop-up text in Fixed-Layout eBook files

We can incorporate pop-up text in both Amazon KF8 and Nook Kids formats.

Adding Audio and Video to Fixed-Layout eBooks

We can embed audio and video files within fixed-layout ePUB 3 eBooks. As with fonts, you need to ensure that you have the necessary rights to include any media within your eBook. Audio and video files can be quite large, and including them within an eBook can increase the file size of the eBook considerably. If you are intending to sell your eBook though any of the major retailers you may find that there are file size limits for audio and video content that you can include within your eBook.

The Nook Kids format also allows for audio, but not video.

We can include audio and video content in Kindle Textbook Creator files, and these files can be uploaded through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing system.

We can include video and audio within fixed-layout KF8 files for Amazon, but these are not suitable for upload through the Amazon KDP system nor through our eBook Distribution Service.

Read Aloud eBooks

Fixed-layout ePUB 3 and Nook Kids files can also include read-aloud (or read along) narration. ePUB 3 fixed-layout files also offer highlighting of words on screen as they are read out, as well as an ambient soundtrack that will play on a loop whilst the book is being read (dependent upon device support). For more details visit our Read Aloud eBooks page.

We cannot include read-aloud narration in fixed-layout files for Amazon Kindle.

Getting Started

Please complete our short Quote Request Form or email details of your project, ideally with the full file or a sample from it, to We will get back to you with any questions or with a price based on the information you provide. You can see our standard prices on our Pricing page.