Defining Enterprise

We at eBook Partnership enjoy working with our wide-ranging clientele including those with titles targeted at the business community and technically-specialised readership. I recently had... Read More

Photographing London

Photographing London is a new book by professional London-based photographer Richard Eaton that helps readers take fantastic photos of London’s iconic landmarks. Containing 350 inspiring... Read More

Detective Dot

Bright Little Labs is a children’s media company with a mission to inspire the next generation to be coders through their educationally valuable and gender-neutral... Read More

Freelance Academy Press

Freelance Academy Press publishes both new educational books and carefully selected reprints of books in the fields of Western martial arts, American and European history,... Read More

Tales by Trees

It was such a delight to work on creating the eBooks for Tales by Trees, a series of illustrated fairy tales for grown-ups that have... Read More

The Olympic Century

It was our distinct pleasure to work with Warwick Press on the conversion of The Olympic Century, a book series originally commissioned by the IOC... Read More