We at eBook Partnership enjoy working with our wide-ranging clientele including those with titles targeted at the business community and technically-specialised readership.

Defining Enterprise eBookI recently had the pleasure of working with leading enterprise architect and author Marc Gewertz. His new book Defining Enterprise – A Systems View of Capability Management defines the breakdown of what an enterprise is through its basic and fundamental needs so everyone involved in the practice of EA (enterprise architecture) understands everything related to the basics and fundamentals of EA regardless of specific needs, interests, organizations or terminology.” Because the market, people, and the technology are so interconnected, next generation EA requires a holistic and integrated approach to enterprise. “Through the lens of a systems perspective of an enterprise in a start-up environment, the basic and fundamental needs, capabilities and elements of an enterprise are differentiated and defined, including the roles and responsibilities for architecting and managing each capability.”

Defining Enterprise features a number of images and captions, pictorial aids that are crucial to understanding the interwoven world of enterprise. We were able to render these formatting features in the reflowable eBook format, a format which affords greater flexibility for the reader.

Another major facet of Defining Enterprise is the EA terminology. EBooks are perfectly suited for rendering the book’s complex network of terms through internal links. With one touch of the fingertip or one click, the reader can find a definition and quickly return the meat of EA. This basic feature of eBooks is one that we have come to take for granted, and yet one should not understate how this technology can act as a cognitive aid in the assimilation of multi-layered concepts and intricate information in this book.

Defining Enterprise is a book to be studied meticulously and although it is far more than a sophisticated reference book, it is a tool readers will appreciate having on their mobile devices for use on the go.

We look forward to working with Marc Gewertz on his future books as well as any  authors and publishers with specialised technical tomes.

For more information about “Defining Enterprise – A Systems View of Capability Management” and its author, visit https://www.eaBooks.net; Marc Gewertz’s company website https://www.eimconsultants.com/. We can also reach him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcgewertzeapioneer