09 Dec 2011

The growth of the eBook market is encouraging many writers to dust off earlier titles and launch them into the online marketplace. We work with several authors who now own the rights to previously published books, and wish to relaunch the books as eBooks. They retain control of the distribution, and of course, the maximum revenue from each sale. 

One of these authors is Dougie Brimson, who was in fact, one of our first clients. Dougie is great to work with. Sharing his enthusiasm and drive to build a portfolio of titles to satisfy an audience of loyal and new fans, has been one of the most enjoyable journeys we have taken in the last couple of years.

Dougie Brimson

Dougie Brimson

A prolific writer, screenwriter and filmmaker, Dougie has published eleven eBooks to date, including Kindle bestsellers Top Dog and The Crew. The fictional lads lit favourite Billy’s Log has been very popular, as has the timeless Geezers’ Guide to Football. You can read more about Dougie on his website AND see his rather impressive party trick on the home page video. Watch out for the pre-Christmas launch of The Art of Fart, which is the first book Dougie has written specifically for publication as an eBook.

In the run up to Christmas, when we can expect bumper sales of Kindles, iPads, and Kobo eReaders, we asked Dougie about his thoughts on combining a busy writing schedule, with building sales of his eBooks.


Looking back, did you have doubts about committing time to developing your eBook portfolio? 

Initially my idea was simply to upload my backlist and that has proven to be phenomenally successful. However, the more I studied the process the more I realised that it was tailor made for a writer like me. I know my target audience and I’ve always been keen to keep hitting it with an eclectic almost ‘pulp’ output. The eBook not only allows me to do that but it puts me firmly in control of pretty much everything from the choice of subject matter right through to the PR.

This adds an immense amount to the creative process because it places everything on my shoulders but I love that. Not only has it added a fresh buzz to my writing career but it has also changed the way I look at it. Now it’s not just about what might happen, it’s about what I can make happen.

That’s incredibly stimulating and with my new book, The Art of Fart, being the first I have written specifically as an eBook, I cannot wait to see what we can do with it. But in essence, that sums up the whole online process for me. It’s scary, but seriously exciting!


Have you got a Kindle or an iPad, or any eReader? If so, do you read eBooks regularly?

I use my iPhone or laptop and try to read as much as I can.


We know that your eBook sales figures have been rising more sharply over the last couple of months, what do you think has been the main factor for this?

The CrewI’m obviously thrilled with the sales I’ve been achieving especially since thus far they are for books I had on my backlist.

I think it’s fair to say that social networking has played a huge part in this because I use it constantly to promote my books. This has certainly helped me to reach people who might not have even heard of me before and that is particularly true of readers from overseas.

It’s also fair to say that the decision to give away my novel The Crew for free was inspired because it has undoubtedly generated through sales.


Have you been able to encourage feedback from new readers of your work, via Facebook, and Twitter and your website?

Absolutely! I regularly receive messages on Twitter which I will always retweet and I constantly urge people to leave feedback on the sales sites such as Amazon. As yet I haven’t really enjoyed much success with Facebook although I am looking at what I can do to change that.

I’m currently building a website to accompany the new book and for the first time will be including both a feedback page and a forum as well as possibly a blog so it will be interesting to see how that goes.


Any advice for writers who are wondering whether or not to try self publishing with new, or previously published work?

The only thing I would say is what are you waiting for! It’s quick, easy and in the case of a previously published work, going the eBook route actually injects new life into it. You only need look at my sales figures to prove that. It’s like giving your book a second shot if you like!


What do you want for Christmas?

A day off! Although I’d settle for The Art of Fart to be sitting at number one on Amazon!

Thanks Dougie – here’s hoping you get everything you wish for!