Authors and publishers wage a constant battle with eBook pirates, and we do not often hear good news.

However, small victories are important and this initiative is a positive step:

Seven websites that help users find unauthorised copies of eBooks are to be blocked in the UK by the country’s leading broadband providers.

The Publishers Association has obtained a High Court order that requires the internet service providers (ISPs) to act by 9 June.

For full details go to the BBC website:

Kathryn Goldman is an IP attorney who is also working very hard to help authors and publishers with this problem, and Molly Greene recently posted a great blog post with practical advice.

Guarding against piracy requires vigilance. You should set up Google Alerts for your titles and your name to help you keep track of where your work is appearing, both legitimately and illegally.

See the full post hereHas Your eBook Been Pirated? What To Do: Step 1 also features a step by step Beat the Pirates checklist by Melissa A Petreshock,

eBook piracy continues to run rampant. As authors, we can’t necessarily be proactive in any way to prevent it, but we can actively monitor and quickly react to do whatever possible to stop illegal downloads of our books.

A little knowledge goes a long way in arming ourselves with the tools to fight back.

See full post here.


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