Flat Fee eBook Distribution with Zero Commission

The eBook Partnership eBook distribution service offers one of the most comprehensive worldwide eBook distribution networks available. We work with authors, publishers and many organisations from around the world.

If you do not have eBook files, and your book is in Word, pdf or Pages, you will need to create eBook files first. Alternatively, we can help with conversion, more information here.

We upload files and metadata for our clients, to hundreds of retailers, more than 65,000 libraries and several subscription services from around the world.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card, bank transfer or via PayPal (any currency).

All of our distribution partners accept standard (reflowable) file formats (mobi for Amazon and ePub for all others).

Fixed Layout files are supported by Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google, Barnes & Noble, Overdrive, eSentral and StoryTel. See more information about Fixed Layout distribution channels here.

Straightforward, Transparent Pricing

Annual fee per title – no hidden costs. For 1 to 9 titles the annual cost is $50/£35 per title.

We do not charge any commission on your royalties and there are no fees for updates to your metadata.

Key Benefits:

Straightforward pricing and no commission
An extensive distribution network
Online sales and royalty reports
Flexible royalty payment options
No charges for metadata and pricing changes
No minimum tie-in
No need for exclusivity
Avoid withholding tax on US sales (for non-US residents)
See what our clients say about us here.

eBook Distribution Sign-up

Getting started with our eBook distribution service takes less than a minute. Just complete the short sign-up form and we’ll send you instructions for uploading your files and metadata.


For full details visit our eBook Distribution Network page.

Why choose our eBook Distribution Service?

Flat fee pricing and zero commission

You pay a fixed, low annual fee for each title and unlike many other eBook distribution services, we do not charge any commission on the royalties that your eBook titles generate. You will receive 100% of the royalties generated through our eBook distribution channels.

A global distribution network

We work with over 150 retailers, more than 65,000 libraries and subscription services from around the world.

Flexible payments

Once we have collected payment for your sales from our retailers, we can pass your money on to you monthly, quarterly or annually – whatever you prefer. You choose the payment method and minimum payment and we’ll do the rest.

Online Sales and Royalty reports

You can keep track of your eBook sales and royalties through our online reporting system (which we call ED). ED collates all the latest sales data and royalty reports that we receive from our distribution partners. You can generate reports and graphs showing how many eBooks have been sold, the retailers generating most sales, and the royalties amount due.

Free metadata changes

Unlike some of our competitors, we will not charge you for updating your metadata or price information or for setting up price promotions with supporting retailers.

Avoid withholding tax on US sales

If you are not based in the US you could be liable to pay 30% withholding tax on sales generating from the US. As we have the relevant tax registrations in place, your US royalties will not be subject to withholding tax and you do not have to complete any additional US tax paperwork.

No exclusivity

You can specify which channels you would like us to distribute your eBook to. So if you manage your own Amazon account or on other retailers can use the eBook Partnership distribution service to widen your eBook distribution opportunities.

No tie-in

There is no minimum term commitment and you can request that your eBooks are removed from our distribution channels whenever you wish – at no charge.

Geographic targeting

We can upload eBook retailers which will give you a worldwide reach, but most of our eBook distribution channels do offer the option to restrict availability to specific geographic regions. If you only have the rights to distribute your eBook titles in North America and the UK for example, we can specify that these are the only regions your titles will appear on sale.

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