midwinter_coverJust in time for the holidays, Torquil MacLeod has released A Malmö Midwinter: An Inspector Anita Sundström Novella, the latest in his popular series of mysteries set in Malmö.

In A Malmö Midwinter, Inspector Anita Sundström is called away from Christmas with her mother to help investigate a domestic death. Her initial relief at escaping a dull festive season soon fades when she and sidekick, Hakim Mirza, find themselves dealing with a difficult case involving the murder of an unloved father and disliked neighbour. Though suspects and motives abound, they are having difficulty identifying the murder weapon. Has the killing something to do with the victim’s past, or is the reason closer to home? It’s not the Christmas Anita was anticipating, nor the conclusion she was expecting.

We’ve worked with author Torquil Macleod on the conversion of all the books in his Inspector Anita Sundström mysteries series, as well as his historical crime novel Sweet Smell of Murder.

All of Torquil’s books have been converted as reflowable eBook files (also known as standard or fluid eBooks). These are the most common type of eBook and are suited to publications that are mainly text with a fairly straightforward layout.

We produce the two most common reflowable eBook formats:

  • Mobi for Amazon Kindle
  • ePUB for all the other major retail channels and devices including Apple’s iPad and iPhone, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Kobo, Google Play and OverDrive.

Reflowable eBook formats offer authors the widest distribution opportunities, as these formats are supported by all the major eBook reading platforms, devices and software. They also offer readers much greater control over their reading experience.

One of the key benefits of the reflowable format from a reader’s perspective is the ability to select both font and type size.


As you can see above, the amount of text on a ‘page’ (screen) will vary depending on the reader’s settings as well as the size of the screen. While this can provide challenges for books with a more complex layout, it’s ideal for books that are primarily text like fiction titles and non-fiction titles such as biographies and textbooks.

When preparing your Word document, PDF or InDesign file for conversion to reflowable formats, the best advice we can offer is to keep the design simple. Since a reflowable ebook will be read on a variety of devices and at different font sizes, a clean and simple design works best.

In reflowable eBook formats we do not include fixed page numbers, as the amount of content on a screen will depend upon the device and reader’s chosen settings. However, most e-reading systems will add their own page or location numbers to reflowable eBooks to help you track where you are.


Reflowable eBooks contain a linked Table of Contents to help readers easily navigate, and many e-reading devices or applications also have built-in navigation menus.

Most e-reading devices and applications include built-in dictionaries so it’s easy to look up terms. These reflowable formats also offers readers the ability to search the text, highlight and add notes–useful in the case of Torquil’s eBooks to keep track of characters and clues.


If you have a mystery lover on your holiday shopping list, be sure to check out A Malmö Midwinter or the other eBooks in Torquil’s Inspector Anita Sundström mysteries series. His books are currently available through retailers who make up our global eBook distribution network.


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