We recently worked with House of Fang on the eBooks for Thunderkind: When Pigs Fly, a comic by Alexander “Fang” Glass.

The comic focuses on:

Three kids living in suburbia saddled with the names of obscure Norse deities. Each with their own dreams, hopes and troubles. Then one summer evening, something so odd, so outside their experience happens, they aren’t sure what to do. So why does their uncle, living next door seem to know exactly what’s going on? What secret has he been hiding from them? Their path is greater than they could ever have imagined; they are Thunderkind, children of thunder.

Join the twins Magni and Modi, with their older sister Thrud as they begin a journey into their surreptitious past. They’ll discover strange powers and a rich history of divine proportions. They’ll battle strange creatures, meet new allies (we think) and travel into the wonderous world of Norse Mythology, where any tree can be Yggdrasil, the World Tree and you can learn your destiny straight from the three Norns, seers without peer. It’s an experience not to be missed.

All the files we created for Thunderkind: When Pigs Fly were fixed-layout eBooks. These types of eBooks are suited to projects that have complex designs, and image/graphic-heavy books, such as children’s picture books, cookery books, reports and comics. We produce a range of fixed-layout formats, including specialized comic formats for both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Kindle Comic Creator (KCC) is specifically for creating graphic novels, comics and manga. Using KCC we can produce fixed-layout files that utilize Kindle Panel View. This feature allows the reader to be guided through each panel of content in the correct order.


As shown above, once a reader enters Kindle Panel View the panels remain magnified so readers can easily scroll from panel to panel with the grey screen background helping reader focus on the magnified panel while still having a sense of the entire page.

These KCC files will work on Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9”, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle for iPad, Kindle for iPhone and Kindle Android apps. There is no support for pinch-and-zoom magnification in the KCC format. Readers use the Kindle Panel View magnification described above instead.

Barnes and Noble also offer a dedicated fixed-layout comic format. NOOK Comics features ZoomView, which is similar to Amazon’s Kindle Panel View, but this format also offers support for pinch-and-zoom page navigation.

NOOK Comics files are supported by NOOK HD, HD+ Tablet, NOOK Tablet, NOOK Color, NOOK for Windows 8 Tablet, NOOK for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), NOOK for Android and NOOK for Windows 8.

For Thunderkind: When Pigs Fly, we also produced a fixed-layout ePUB 3. Fixed-layout ePUB 3 files are the most widely supported fixed-layout file type and can be sold through channels such as Apple’s iBooks app and iTunes, Google Play, eSentral, Kobo, StoryTel, Overdrive and their partner retailers.

Though the fixed-layout ePUB 3 format does not feature the same panel view as Kindle Comics and Nook Comics, most supported devices will give the reader the ability to zoom in and enlarge specific areas of the page. This means the text can still be easily read in the fixed-layout ePUB 3 format, as well as giving readers the opportunity to see the incredibly detailed drawings in comics like Thunderkind: When Pigs Fly.


To learn more about Thunderkind: When Pigs Fly and its author Alexander Glass, please visit this website. The eBook is currently available for purchase on many major eBook retailers’ sites.

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