16 Feb 2012

David Evans is accustomed to hard work, and long hours. Perfect preparation for the life of a self published author! David has written two novels so far, Bitter Taste and Sour Grapes.

Tell us about life before your writing career.

I apprenticed in Switzerland and held the Executive Chef position at the International Sporting Club, Park Lane, London (formerly The Playboy Club) and the film & music industry-oriented St James’ Club in Mayfair.

I am a Former Vice President of the World Master Chefs Society and International Competition Director, and also  served as chairman of judges at major salons and competitions in the UK, America, France, Ireland and Bangkok. Honorary member of the guilds of Limousin and Provence Chefs and of the Texas Chefs Association.

Lots of ingredients for exciting fiction in those roles. Did you always plan to write?  

Yes. Like so many chefs I had planned on writing a recipe book.  Only when I realised that the supply was far exceeding the demand did I turn my attention to food/wine-based fictional novels.

Why did you decide to self publish, and did you find the process straightforward?

The pile of rejection slips tells its own story, and yes, I found the process relatively easy. As regards converting — and distributing — manuscripts into ebooks, leave it to the specialists. Money well spent.

Now that you have two novels on sale, how are you spreading the word, and building sales?

Obviously I make use of the social networking sites as well the professional bodies/chefs societies of which I am a member. Only recently have I come about my own website, and whereas the result is outstanding, it is too early to quantify its worth. However, taking on Smith Publicity to promote my book is by far and away the most effective sales tool.

Would you do anything differently, if you were starting out on the self pub journey now?

Yes: employ a proof reader.

What’s next for you, any more books in the pipeline?

Given that there is possibly a few more miles left in a couple of my principal characters, I intend including them in a story which focuses on the nefarious activities of a fictional GM foods company.