Providing feedback on your eBook files

After we have converted your manuscript to eBook formats we will email your eBook files to you for review. This gives you an opportunity to provide feedback, spot any last minute typos and to see how your files look in eBook formats before they are distributed to the different retail channels (if you are using our distribution service).

If you are not familiar with opening eBook files you will find detailed instructions on our Help pages.

Do you NEED to check the files?

We strongly recommend that you do take the time to check the files, although checking just one of the formats is usually enough to locate any editorial changes you need (as the content is the same in both the Mobi and ePUB format).
If you are using our distribution service we will not send the files to the retailers until you have approved them.
Any changes requested after the files have been approved are likely to incur charges and a re-distribution fee where applicable.

Once you have downloaded and opened the eBook files you may want to provide feedback and change requests. The best way to do this is shown below.

Before you send your feedback, please read through the list below as it may save you some time:

  • You will not be able to update the eBook files themselves.
    Instead you will need to list the changes you require in a Word doc or email.
  • We will not charge for fixing errors that have occurred during the conversion process or small formatting changes.
    On the rare occasion that errors do occur when we convert the files we will, of course, fix these without charge. The same goes for small formatting changes such as a change of font or heading styles.
  • We will not charge for making a small number of editorial changes submitted as part of your first feedback.
    We will make up to ten editorial changes without charge as along as the changes are included within your initial feedback request. Subsequent changes will be charged at our discretion and we will only make the changes after you have agreed to the charges.
  • Extensive editorial changes may incur an additional cost.
    Whilst we know that you may spot a couple of typos, we have made it clear from the outset of your project that it is your responsibility to provide us with a final, edited, spell-checked manuscript. If there are significant changes we will let you know our costs to update the files before we proceed with making the changes.
  • Do not just send a complete new manuscript – otherwise you will need to pay a re-conversion fee.
    Unless there are extensive errors throughout your manuscript it will be more cost-effective for you to supply a list of changes rather than an entire new manuscript.
  • On standard eBook files (not fixed-layout) there is not a fixed page size.
    The amount of content that appears on a single page/screen will depend upon the combination of device, software, viewing window and text settings of the person reading the file. This means that we cannot control what fits on a single page/screen. For example, somebody viewing an eBook on an iPhone is likely to see a lot less content on a single screen than somebody viewing the same file on a laptop screen.
  • Usually you will not include a cover page on your Kindle/Mobi file.
    This will be sent to Amazon separately when we upload the files to them, and they will combine the content and cover.

Providing feedback – how to detail your changes

If you need any changes making to your eBook files you will need to send a list of amends as a Word doc or in an email to your Project Manager. If you send a completely new content file you will be charged for a re-conversion, so unless there are many changes you should list the changes rather than supplying an updated content file.

The clearer the information you provide the sooner we will be able to action the changes.

We will need to know which file you are looking at (ePUB or Mobi) and how you are viewing the file, for example using Adobe Digital Editions. For each change we will need:

  • the location of the change (based on the eBook files and NOT the original manuscript)
  • the original content
  • the new content

In the example below, if the word Mini needed to be changed to Rover we would need the location (page 12), original text (She drew the Mini just beyond) and new text (She drew the Rover just beyond). So ideally you would send the following:

  • Page 12. Change “She drew the Mini just beyond” to “She drew the Rover just beyond”

Providing feedback


If you are viewing the Mobi file on a Kindle, Kindle app or using Kindle Previewer you may see locations rather than page numbers. This is fine, just list the location.

Kindle locations

If you are viewing an ePUB  file on an iPad you will need to tell us the total number of pages that you are seeing (see below) as well as the specific page number of each change. This is because the total number of pages will change depending upon the personal settings of your iPad.

Page numbers on iPad