Important information about your ED account

How to access your sales and royalties information

Your personal account in our sales reporting system (we call it “ED”) is now live. Your login details have been sent to you via email.

You can log in to ED here:

Where is my eBook for sale?

Your eBook files and metadata have been uploaded to the retailers you requested, when you completed the Book Info form.

Amazon, Apple and Google will usually list within 48-72 hours, for other retailers the approval process can take up to 3 or 4 weeks. If you cannot find your book on any specific retailers after 4 weeks, please let us know ( and we will investigate.

There are detailed instructions for finding your eBook each of our distribution channels on this page:

It may take a few weeks for the eBook to embed into the search facility in the various retail systems so you may not find the eBook easily if you are only searching by keyword or part title for example.

Receiving Royalty Payments

We can pay your royalties by bank transfer or PayPal. You must enter your payment preferences using this short form: Royalty Payment form.

How long does it take to get my royalties?

Retailers pay royalties to us around 60 days after sales in most cases.

Changing your password

When you visit click on ‘Lost your Password?’ and follow the instructions.

Please ensure that you keep your login details safe and do not pass them on to anyone else.

How often is ED updated?

ED is updated with sales, royalty and payment information as soon as we receive it from retailers. It is possible that, depending on the date on which your eBook was uploaded, you may not see sales figures for 4-6 weeks. This is because we wait for official reports from the retailers, their reporting schedule varies. Amazon sends the official report for sales figures, on the 12-14th of the month after. So, Jan sales figs will appear on ED on around 12-14th of Feb for example.

If there is no sales information on your account, this is because we have not received any reported sales from retailers as yet. Please view this page, and see reporting info about the retailers:

View sales over any period of time by going to View Sales Reports, selecting the time period you wish by clicking into the date boxes, and then clicking ‘filter’. You can do this for ALL or individual retailers. The Bestsellers total on the first page of your section will only show 2014 sales.

You will see a number of options on the left hand menu in ED, including
Royalty Reports (updated when available is sent by retailers) and Payment Statement. When payment is made, you will be able to View Sales relating to that payment.