Meet Angela J Ford - Digital Marketing Specialist for Indie Authors

AJFordAs many of our clients will know, I am wary of recommending specific service providers for independent authors for marketing and promotion. Simply because each book is different, the target audience varies, things change, some paid services are just unethical and over priced, so I tend to offer broad advice and advise research in all cases.

The success of your eBook (in terms of sales at least) entirely depends upon your ability to grab attention, and shine in a sea of content available to your target audience.

In the six years we have been helping thousands of authors and publishers to make their eBooks available worldwide, I am aware of only a handful of titles that caught fire and sold with the bare minimum of marketing effort from the author/publisher.

Boring as it sounds, there is no easy way to sell eBooks. In fact, these days there is no easy way to get people to download free content! We are swamped with content of all kinds, and there is no guarantee that you can ask a reader to devote precious time to your book. Even if you are seated next to them for a transatlantic flight, you have eight hours to convince them one to one, and you are absolutely convinced that your book is exactly what they need, or want to enhance their life!

Having said that, I am regularly delighted to see that unknown authors with next to no platform, but a great book – can and do break through. However, 999 times out of 1000, this is because they have approached the task with almost military precision, and persistence and planning pays off. Maybe not straight away, but faint heart never won reader audience and my advice is dig in and keep going!

Natalie SissonWhich brings me to Angela Ford. I heard Angela on a podcast (from the marvellous Natalie Sisson Freedom Podcast series, I urge you to have a listen). Angela is an author and was chatting to Natalie about her self publishing adventure.

I went to Angela’s website  and after reading through I was delighted to see that here was a resource with clear, beautifully written content and most importantly – actionable plans and ideas!

I emailed Angela to say hi and congratulate her on her service and she emailed me straight back, in person – imagine that!

We will be talking about how best to bring clear and concise information to eBook Partnership clients in the next few months, but I wanted to mention Angela now, so that I can point you in her direction. I know her website will be so useful.

Also, Angela has been kind enough to offer our clients and readers a special offer when you enroll on the e-course “How to Plan a Book Launch”. Take a look here and drop Angela a line if you are interested.

A Book Launch can happen way after publication. Look at it this way, you had a soft launch around publication date, but when you decide to take control of your marketing, it is almost a relaunch. Get excited about it and find some extra oomph to motivate you through the hard work you will need to undertake to make your book stand out.

Let me know how you get on 🙂


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