Of course, we like all the books that we have worked on – but this is my favourite, for all the right reasons.

When we received an enquiry from Sue Glader, about converting her book Nowhere Hair to eBook, I went straight to the video trailer. Not all book videos are good, some are indescribably bad, but this one is well worth 4 minutes of your time.


So, having seen the trailer, we knew this was a special book, and one that we wanted to help Sue to distribute to a worldwide audience.

Nowhere Hair is a children’s book that explains cancer, written by Sue from California – with the most wonderful illustrations by Edith Buenen from the Netherlands.

The print version has already impressed so many people, with a strong, but simple message. KellyCorrigan, New York Times best selling author, described it as “A wonderful tool for families”.

When we first viewed the preview copy, on iPad, I was relieved to see that the format actually suited the book perfectly. Even on a phone sized screen, the warmth, style and humour of the book comes across beautifully.

Nowhere Hair by Sue Glader

Nowhere Hair by Sue Glader

Having Nowhere Hair available on eBook, means that anyone can access the book easily, to read instantly, on an iPad, or phone, a Kindle, a PC, laptop, or eReader. This is a book that will help cancer patients, their families, health care professionals, teachers and carers.

The eBook goes on sale next week, via all major outlets including Amazon, and iBooks.

Please do take a look at Sue’s website for more information, or Facebook for the Nowhere Hair’s Beautifully Bald Initiative. You can donate a book, at Sue’s website, and pay for a physical book, or an eBook to be made available for free, to someone who would really appreciate it.

We will be following the progress of the eBook launch here at the eBook Partnership blog, and look forward to continuing our support for Sue, and the great work she does.

Last word to Sue : “Squeeze Life, Be Brave, Take Risks”


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  1. Diana – I can’t thank you and Matt enough for offering to spread the message that this book offers far and wide. The risk I took of jumping into this project has brought to me untold benefits, not the least of which is connecting with you and feeling your love for this work. If I get across the pond, I’m looking you both up!

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