The time is right to dust off your OP (out-of-print) books, and make them available worldwide as eBooks.

Many authors are finding that they have the ability to resurrect titles, and introduce them to a new audience. Not only can you derive great satisfaction from seeing books sell all over the world, you will also retain the lion’s share of the revenue (up to 70%).

We recently worked with two authors, who decided to test the waters, and manage their own eBook projects, with our help.

Kate Figes is an author, and journalist who writes regularly for The Guardian and The Times and is also Books Editor at YOU Magazine (colour supplement of the Mail on Sunday). See Kate’s website at

Kate was keen to ePublish two of her books which were now out of print, but could be introduced to a new readership, dealing as they do with universal conflicts in family life.  The titles (What About Me? and What About Me, Too?) had proved popular with both mums and teens, and the frank and funny accounts remain relevant today.
We were able to scan and convert the paperbacks into Word documents, which were then converted into eBook formats for publication to a variety of retailers including Amazon’s Kindle Store, Apple’s iBookstore and Waterstone’s. Kate supplied us with cover artwork, and added some up to date information for the introduction, and for the end of the book – and we submitted the updated versions to the retailers.

Dougie Brimson is a multi-published author and renowned screenwriter. A former serviceman, he is best known for his examinations of the culture of football. However in recent years, he has become increasingly identified with his often controversial defence of the male of the species! For more details see

The Geezers’ Guide to Football and Billy’s Log were previously published by Headline, and are both now widely available as eBooks.  Dougie did not have a final electronic version of either manuscript so, once again, we were able to extract the text from the scanned paperbacks – and convert to ePub and mobi files, ready for submission to the online retailers.
Dougie wanted a fresh look for the eBook versions, so we redesigned the covers for him, as part of the process.

Of course, this is only half the story – the next challenge is to promote the books on and off line.

In my next post, I will look at some of the tactics authors can employ to spread the word, and increase sales. What are your experiences?

We are often asked, of course, about prices for conversion – and you can see our packages with full details here.

In the case of OP projects, it is fair to say that these can be very straightforward, or rather more complex – if you wish to update text for example, or add in content which was not contained in the original document. The text extraction from scans can be erratic, so we take time to review and amend as necessary, so it can be quite time consuming to get right.

This is a great time to dip your toe in the water, and see what happens when you take control of your work, and make it available to the millions of readers out there – who are enjoying the experience of reading on their Kindle, iPhone, Nook, PC, iPad, smartphone or any other way you can access eBooks.

We would love to help, get in touch if you want some more information.



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