Reflowable eBook File Formats

We produce two reflowable eBook formats – Mobi and ePUB. All the major eBook distribution channels accept one of these two formats.

Mobi files for Amazon Kindle

The Mobi format, sometimes called Mobipocket, is the type of file that Amazon recommend for reading on its hugely popular Kindle family of devices and apps.

Reflowable Mobi files will work across all Amazon Kindle devices (such as Kindle Paperwhite eReaders and Kindle Fire tablets) and Kindle Reading Apps (including Kindle for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Kindle for PC and Kindle for Android).

The files have a .mobi, .kf8 or .prc extension when they are uploaded to Amazon, and a .azw or .azw3 extension when delivered from Amazon to a Kindle device or app.

Amazon are the only major retailer who accept and sell Mobi files.

ePUB files

All the other major eBook distribution channels accept ePUB files. This includes Apple (iPhone, iPad and Mac), Google Play, Kobo, OverDrive and Barnes & Noble (NOOK devices). Amazon will accept ePUB files uploaded through its Kindle Direct Publishing platform, but the ePUB file will be converted to a Mobi file during the upload process. We recommend producing Mobi files prior to uploading to Amazon so that you can test and review the format before distribution.

Reflowable ePUB files are widely accepted by online distribution channels and in addition to being supported by eReader and tablet devices produced by eBook retailers such as Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble, there are also many free apps which will read ePUB files.

ePUB files can either be ePUB 2 or ePUB 3 – both have a .epub file extension. ePUB 3 files offer more advanced formatting features but are not supported by as many online distribution channels as the more established ePUB 2 format.

For reflowable ePUB files we produce the ePUB 2 format as standard because it currently has a wider acceptance by distribution channels. We can also produce reflowable ePUB 3 files if you are targeting specific channels or devices which offer the necessary support.