Can you convert a printed book to eBook?

Yes, in most cases.

If you only have a printed version of your manuscript, we can probably digitize the content by scanning the pages and creating an editable Word file.

Books that are suitable for scanning are those that are mainly text (fiction or narrative non-fiction). The print pages should be clear and unmarked, with crisp text.

The scanning process involves automated text-recognition that—while very accurate—is not infallible. Once we have scanned your book, we send you the content as a Word file, and you are responsible for proof-reading and editing the file.

There are some types of content that are not suitable for our scanning service. These include:

  • Those with a high number images/photographs/illustrations
  • Manuscripts that contain mathematical equations and formulae
  • Layouts that have more than one column of content
  • Books that use non-Latin/Roman characters
  • Content with a high number of footnotes or endnotes
  • Books with large pages (bigger than A4)

For more details see our Book Scanning Service page.

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