Please note that we are a completely separate company to Original Writing and have no links to them or their owners. This blog post is aimed at authors who may have been clients of Original Writing or other eBook distribution services which have ceased operation.

February 15th 2016

I am receiving emails from authors who have been working with Original Writing, Dublin as the company ceased trading recently.

This is a frustrating situation of course, if you have books on sale which have been managed by Original Writing you may wish to take action now to remove your books from sales through this company. Apparently, a liquidator is to be appointed, and any claims for royalties will be dealt with when this has happened.

The following advice applies to eBook availability and distribution, you may wish to contact the Alliance of Independent Authors for advice also, particularly with print editions and general guidelines for this scenario.

Amazon listings: I suggest that you contact Amazon KDP Support (scroll down to the Contact Us option), and ask them to take down the files for your book, to stop any further sales going into an account that you cannot access. As you are the author and the copyright holder, they should do this pretty quickly. You will need to quote the i.d. number of the Kindle edition (the ASIN number which you will find on the sales page for your book) and the ISBN for the print edition.

Follow the same process, using the ISBNs for any other channels where your book is listed.

If Original Writing sent you eBook files for review before they uploaded them, you could create an account yourself with Amazon KDP and upload the mobi file and cover image (or KF8, KTC etc) pretty quickly and get the book relisted. The same applies to other retailers, or you can use eBook Partnership to do this on your behalf for some or all of the channels you would like make the eBook available for sale. View details of our distribution service here. Some of our clients manage their own Amazon accounts by creating an account on KDP, and we handle other channels for example.

If you do not have your eBook files for any reason, and you would like to make your work available you will need to create eBook files which can then be uploaded again. There are several options available to you for conversion, or you can see information about our conversion service here.

Print on demand. Many of our clients use Amazon Createspace, Completely Novel (UK company) or Ingram Lightning Source. You will need a print ready pdf version.

Hope this is helpful.


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