Fair question. I have been surprised by the number of people who have asked since we changed our Distribution packages, and introduced commission free eBook distribution for authors.

Some have a slightly suspicious tone, and some are downright concerned for us (including the lovely Rachel Abbott who said rather sternly “You do a good job Diana, and I don’t think you should sell yourselves short!”).

This is a competitive business, we are not the only company to offer eBook distribution, with 100% royalties. Our reasons may be different to other providers, but the rationale for us is quite simple. It simplifies the process for us, and our clients prefer to see exact figures from the retailers, and to reap the full benefit of their promotional activity.

We offer a variety of services to authors, publishers and businesses; we provide the expertise to help convert books into eBooks, and we are specialists in complex projects and fixed layout eBooks. Our scanning/OCR service is fantastic also, and we are delighted that so many people find it such a welcome change to find a company that does the job properly!

The retailers have different royalty rates  (more information on our Distribution page).  Each of our clients can see exactly what the retailers pay per sale, by checking their individual account on our eBook sales admin system.  We charge flat fee per year, with a sliding scale of charges depending on the number of titles you submit.

We pay royalties each month, as the payments are received from the retailers, and subscription services.

Some clients will quickly see a return on investment (set up fee), it takes longer for others, but the incentive is there to continue to spread the word, and drive sales.

Please feel free to get in touch, if we can help with your eBook project, or if you have any questions.