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eBook Distribution simplified

Worldwide network, zero commission, zero hassle

Distribute your eBooks to our worldwide network of online retailers, subscription services, library suppliers, and wholesalers using the eBook Partnership flexible, zero-commission eBook distribution service.

Use our digital book distribution service to distribute your eBook titles or expand your existing sales network. We offer a range of transparent pricing options with no hidden costs and generous multi-title discounts. With straightforward onboarding and our support team on hand, getting started couldn’t be easier.

The cost for our ePUB distribution service depends on the number of titles you list through us. There is a one-off fee per book of US$99 if you have 1-4 books. We have a sliding scale for 5 or more books, for example, if you have 100+ titles, the cost is $1 per title per month.

For Publishers and content owners with multiple titles, we offer a tiered pricing model based on the number of live titles that you manage through our service. This starts at $299 per year for up to ten titles.

eBookPartnership pays you 100% of royalties received from the retailers, subscription services, and libraries. You can choose to be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly (or at any time when you have accrued a minimum of $30).

Distribution fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable once your files have been sent to our sales partners.

Sell more eBooks by expanding your reach

Our global network of retailers, library suppliers, subscription services and wholesalers includes:

Manage your eBook catalogue, track your sales and control your royalties

Our secure online Dashboard gives you detailed sales and royalty information 24-7, with improved title management capabilities.